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New Balance was founded in 1906 in the United States of Boston, with the spirit of excellence in manufacturing products, constantly in technology material, product appearance and comfort to continue to make progress. The only constant is that the New Balance operates with high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, and teamwork, in order to become high-tech.

New Balance has its unique culture: Adhere to the production of more width, more height shoes money: This is for the design of human nature, but also the most basic care, to bring each consumer the most comfortable, close to the shoe type. New Balance doesn't sign up with sports stars. Because shoes suitable for celebrities are not necessarily suitable for most consumers wear, so New Balance company will invest in product research and development, in order to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. New Balance believes that shoes are the best spokesmen". New Balance is the only international sport brand owned by a factory in the United States, five of which are in the United States and two are in europe.